What do I charge?

Everything is charged on an hourly basis. So, the more information you can give me on a project, the more help it is to me, reducing the cost to you. This can include you providing me with examples of things you like or just a detailed brief of what you are after. I can also quote up front.


How much does a logo cost?

It depends on what type of logo it is and how many rounds of changes we go through. I always spend an hour doing a page of rough ideas and we can take it from there. 


How much does an ad/poster/booklet cost?

All projects are different. A 60-page booklet is a different kettle to fish to an A3 poster. I charge on time so it’s best to get a brief from you as to what you need and then I will work out a costing.


How quick can you turn work around?

I’m known for my speed! Of course, the more notice you can give me the better but most is do-able and I’m quite used to short deadlines. If I can’t do it – I won't take it on. I have never let anyone down on a project yet.


What things have you worked on?

Check out my folio pages within this site. I’ve worked across many types of design: interactive, presentation, website, broadcast, theatre, audio visual, print. I’m a jack of most trades and I’m always up for trying something new and love learning new skills.


Can you build websites?

If you are a small business and want control over your own site I can help you with making a small website (like this one) using WIX. But, I believe in working alongside professionals who build sites every day. The internet changes constantly and it’s best to let the pros handle that side of things. I will, however, help you with the design and set up of the site and then work with the web coder on the production.


Where do you get your photo images?

I use mainly Shutterstock, Adobe Stock or iStock but can source from any of the many stock photography companies. I also have contacts with photographers who can do custom shoots for your project or put you in contact with them.


What kind of things can you illustrate?

Technical illustrations, cartoon characters, icons, most things.


How long have you been in business?

TMG started business in 1999 - that's 20 years of success!


Who have you worked for?

Check out my client page. The list is pretty impressive. Some of my clients have been big agencies and some have been small one-man businesses. I enjoy working for both. Keeping a broad client base is important because that way you keep your edge and expand your skills – something that everyone benefits from.


Do you employ other people?

Basically, no, but I will sub contract depending on the job at hand. If I need a web coder that is an expert at retail sites I will work with them, if I need a photographer who is awesome at portraits, I will work with them. It keeps costs low and options big.


Where are you based?

The Redlands District and Brisbane, Queensland. With email and the internet as amazing as it is – I can work anywhere. I have clients I haven’t physically seen in years and even some who I have never met.


What software do you use?

Industry standards. The Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Flash. Microsoft Office, Keynote. But, I DO love learning new stuff, so suggest away!


What is your training?

I have a Higher National Diploma (UK) in Design Communications. I have done all sorts of other training along the way like a Certificate in Cartooning etc but most of my skills have been picked up by practical working experience. TMG turned 20 yers old in 2019 so that's a LOT of experience!